Two Shots & Some Words

…on Limitless.

Excessive, not well-thought out, and competes with Cowboys & Aliens for blue and orange glory. The premise is that Bradley Cooper gets his hands on a pill that unlocks the full capacity of his brain.  He proceeds to finish the novel he’d been working on, find a way to get involved in a hedge fund, think his way into women’s pants, etc.  But so many of the things he does aren’t bright at all, they’re reckless and poor applications of his newfound limitless intelligence, so it erodes the main pillar upon which the movie is built.  The creators obviously didn’t possess a pill to smarten them up enough to make this movie work.  And the way it’s all presented is this hyper-visualized, over-FXed bullshit, like a sex scene where the woman’s body is a collage of computerized rectangles (NSFW), a writing scene where the letters are falling out of the sky (above), and a rendering of a wild night as if you were flying through a tunnel of his images and experiences at speed.  It’s a headache.  And so much blue/orange color filtering.  The worst is that the movie ends with *SPOILERS* him becoming a senator…because if you have limitless intelligence, the best way to leverage it would to be…one of 100 US Senators????

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