Two Shots & Some Words

…on The Interrupters.

“‘Fuck tomorrow,’ that’s what they tell you. ‘I’m trying to make sure I don’t get shot.’” A documentary by Steve James, the Hoop Dreams director, which shows professional interrupters in Chicago, people who “interrupt” urban anger and situations before they grow into violence and shootings.  It follows three different “interrupters” as they do their job; some of the threads meander, but on the whole it’s good.  It dissects how and why violence happens.  The most interesting thread features Flamo, someone whom they depict being interrupted, someone who says this in his first scene: “Fuck this shit, fuck the problem, fuck the solution.”  He’s super-charismatic, honest, and hilarious, and despite his initial stance which borders on nihilism, his segment shows how interrupting can work.

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